How to completely uninstall Mac client?

How do I completely uninstall the Mac Nextcloud client? I tried just throwing away the app, but I was unable to do so – I got the following error message:
So apparently system extensions have been installed; remarkably, the installer package doesn’t have an “uninstall” option, so right now I literally cannot get rid of the mac NC client from my machine. Even if I could delete the main client app, I don’t know where the support files and extensions have been placed.

Can someone provide instructions on how to COMPLETELY uninstall the mac client from my machine? I’m running the latest macOS, 10.13 “High Sierra”.

It’s because it’s running. Completely kill the process and then throw away

Hi @stratacast, thanks for the response…and sorry for taking so long to get back to this (I’ve been offline for a while).

Actually, this happens when the app ISN’T running (i.e., even after I’ve quit), and that means there’s a larger issue here. It suggests that just throwing away the doesn’t uninstall the program, and that the client installer has installed multiple files in multiple locations, without telling me where they’re located, what they’re called, or even how many there are. And as far as I can tell, the installer hasn’t provided any means of uninstalling the application, nor directions on how to do so.

I could go in and kill what appear to be related processes from the command line or from the Activity Monitor app, but even then I can’t be sure that I’ve removed all trace of the program. And of course, the vast majority of users will not know anything of this. What they will see is that they’ve installed a program that they cannot delete. At all.

As it happens, I want to completely (i.e. no trace) uninstall the client app so I can re-install it, as I’m getting some odd behavior.

So if there’s anyone out there who can tell me how to completely uninstall the mac client, I would really appreciate it!!

Perhaps a different user is logged in? You could to delete manually stuff via terminal but I wouldn’t do that. I’d first try to see if macOS logs more details what running process is blocking the deinstallation. Did you install other software related to Nextcloud (there was an app called File-Drop or something like that, where you have a symbol on your task manager and you can just drop files there for an immediate upload, such a program could need some elements of the normal client).

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Hi @tflidd, thanks for the response. Sorry about the late reply here, but I’ve been on the road for the past week or two, with limited opportunity to get back to this.

I’m definitely the only user logged in, but I don’t see how that would/should affect anything. I haven’t installed any additional software other than the NC client.

In any event, none of this still answers my fundamental question: how do I completely uninstall the Mac Nextcloud client? This is not the same as asking “how do I throw away the nextcloud client app?” As you suggested, I’m sure I could go through and selectively kill processes until I could get control of, but my bigger point is that the error message is telling me that the original installation consisted of additional files…and I don’t know what they are or where they’re located on my computer. Surely somebody out there knows what files have been installed, and where, and what support/pref/config files get created by the app so that I can completely remove all traces of the software…?? Elaborately reverse engineering the running processes just to find out what’s been installed where seems unnecessary and unreliable.

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I would end the program and then kill Nextcloud processes via activity monitor. It only ends processes. Then perhaps the deinstallation process (moving the app to the trash-bin) should work. If that doesn’t work, I don’t know if there are tools on OS X that can show you which file is blocking the deinstallation and then you could check which process is using this file.

For a complete manual removal, you better ask the developers directly ( where all the files can be found to remove the client completely.

I think you are right – it’s time to formally log an issue for the uninstall issue. I notice that you have the “owncloud” project site listed as where I should go; is that preferred over the presumably more recent nextcloud site?

Currently, Nextcloud only applies a theme to the owncloud client and the main development is still there.

After searching the internet extensively, posting the issue on GitHub, and submitting a message via the “Contact Us” form of NextCloud, I finally came across this YouTube video: I followed the steps outlined in the video and successfully uninstalled the NextCloud client from my Mac.

I’ll mark @ethan2717’s reply a “temporary” solution for now, though encourage the issue to be commented on and publicised here (link to it please) for continued discussion.

Open System Preferences from the Apple icon or the Launcher then click on Extensions. In the Finder extensions, uncheck Nextcloud. Exit System Preferences then restart to make sure the extension isn’t loaded. Now you should be able to remove the app. You’ll still want to clean up Application Support and Preferences as shown in the video.

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That video is not very helpful at all. Gibberish.

Actually it does. The video may be a little bit confused and concerns the predecessor of Nextcloud - but if you understand what the guy is doing – it works.
My process was even easier:

  1. Open system prefs, choose extensions, deselect Nextcloud, quit.
  2. Strike cmd-shift-U, or open the ‘utilities folder’, choose ‘activity monitor’, look for nextcloud, get info or double click.
  3. If you use, you may skip this step and jump to 4.
  • if not, look for ‘open files and ports’ in the info window, copy its content and save it in a note or text file. It helps you to find the components later
  1. Force quit the process.
  2. Throw the to the trash bin (giving permission if you are an administrator)
    5 a. AppCleaner will do the rest for you, showing the related files, which you can all thow into the bin.
    5 b. without AppCleaner - find the mentioned in the note or saved text file extensions and files, which you can all put in the bin.
  3. empty the bin and restart - apart from the Nextcloud storage folder with your own files, your Nextcloud instance should now be deleted.
    Ready for reinstallation or not using it further.

This worked for me.
Macbook Pro 15’ retina 2012, Mojave OS 10.14.6