How to completely remove nextcloud server

Hi there,

I’m facing the trouble that my nextcloud server crashed.
I installed and soon found it was not the lastedversion and wanted to upgrade my nextcloud server to the laste release, but i just deleted the old version nextcloud directory then moved the unziped nextcloud folder to be the new nextcloud directory, then i found the server crashed .
the old version did work normally but when i replaced the directory with the lasted, it crashed…

is there anyone who can tell me how to repair my nextcloud server?
my idea is to complety clean up the history and record related to nextcloud, and then go the 1st time install process…but how to delete first?

Thanks a lot in advance.

do still have the config/config.php of your old installation?
you would need that to recover your old installation.

if you want to delete nc from the server

  • delete the web-directory (e.g. /var/www/nextcloud)
  • delete the data directory (if in another folder)
  • drop the database

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