How to close onlyoffice window?

Hello, I have updated Nextcloud to version 18 via the Web-Updater in the meantime and am very happy about the integration of onlyoffice.

When I open a docx document I can edit it directly in the browser. But how can I close the onlyoffice window afterwards when I’m done working and want to go back to the previously displayed file folder?

I cannot find a button for this.


Have a look at the top right. On the left hand side, next to the magnifier glass (search feature) there is a close button.

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I really cant find the button. Here is my screen:

Hi ,
The close button is next to the share button on the top.



you can activate the “goback” button.

in line 693

693: if ($folderLink !== NULL && $inframe !== 1) {
694: $params[“editorConfig”][“customization”][“goback”] = [
695: “url” => $folderLink
696: ];

@param integer $inframe - open in frame. 0 - no, 1 - yes, 2 - without goback for old editor (5.4)


Nice, thx a lot Dev2. This works!

Thx to ninehyde and Schmu for your help too!