How to close onlyoffice window?

Hello, I have updated Nextcloud to version 18 via the Web-Updater in the meantime and am very happy about the integration of onlyoffice.

When I open a docx document I can edit it directly in the browser. But how can I close the onlyoffice window afterwards when I’m done working and want to go back to the previously displayed file folder?

I cannot find a button for this.


Have a look at the top right. On the left hand side, next to the magnifier glass (search feature) there is a close button.

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I really cant find the button. Here is my screen:

Hi ,
The close button is next to the share button on the top.



you can activate the “goback” button.

in line 693

693: if ($folderLink !== NULL && $inframe !== 1) {
694: $params[“editorConfig”][“customization”][“goback”] = [
695: “url” => $folderLink
696: ];

@param integer $inframe - open in frame. 0 - no, 1 - yes, 2 - without goback for old editor (5.4)


Nice, thx a lot Dev2. This works!

Thx to ninehyde and Schmu for your help too!

unfortunately this doesn’t work either… I can see the back button now, but when I hit it, the full nextcloud desktop displays in a frame instead of just opening the folder…

I do not have this share button or the X. how to close it then?

Hi tomdrops,

Seems like you have an issue with the ONLYOFFICE App. You may reinstall it.

FYI You should see the close button on top inside the Nextcloud blue bar.


I found a solution. Icons are only visible when you tick in OnlyOffice Settings - Open file in the same tab.