How to change width of Left Navigation Bar (NC15)

identical to >this<, but now for Nextcloud 15 !

#app-navigation { width: <- does not work alone since nc15 !

there are additional variables necessary like:
#app-navigation:not(.hidden) + #app-content { margin-left:

but there’s a conflict when hide the menu on smaler displays !
-> { transform: translate3d(300px, 0px, 0px); }

I am desperately looking for the value 300, which is defined in the scripts as: ’ + n + 'px

Where is it, or how can I change the set menu width from 300px?

thanks for help

I’ve found it :slight_smile:

there seems to be no chance with “Custom CSS”,
because the variables apply globally!
the design-foult is when switching to “mobile-view”
(when display-width is smaler then 768px)

the solution is to change variables in the original files

-> changing app-navigation-width from 300px to 230px:

file: nextcloud15\core\css\variables.scss
$navigation-width: 230px;

file: nextcloud15\core\js\js.js
maxPosition: 230, // $navigation-width

now you should refresh/delete browser-cache and you must log-in again!

then it works