How to change username from uid to username?


how can i change the username mapping back to username\sAMAccountName ?

from C3604815-1A12-445B-8D63-6497D528AD37 to test7


The display name can easily be changed (as admin, you can edit users and change the name). The uid itself can’t be changed like that. I don’t know if it is easily possible because the uid is used as index, so for example in referring tables everything linked to this user uses the uid.

Other way, create a new user, you can then transfer all the files to this new user (transfer ownership):

Probably you have to do it via command line to not run into timeouts. From this point, it should perhaps be possible to write a function to allow the renaming of the uid but no one did it. Manually changing this in the database could be done, but you risk to miss something…

looks like i fixed it via LDAP / AD integration → expert
now users looks like expected and SAML also works.

now my problem is when a user share a file, the other side receiving the link by email
and the sender name in email is the user Distinguished Name

CN=test7 lst,OU=Users,DC=domain,DC=local shared »file.rar« with you

any idea how to fix or where to change the config ?

so from admin view its looks like this:

and if a user go to settings he see this :