How to change the start page of the application

how to change the start page of the application?
setttings config.php
‘defaultapp’ => ‘photos’
return page “your photos”
i need “your folders”, but
‘defaultapp’ => ‘photos/albums’
not work

Hi @kozanostra

Afaik you cannot define exact paths, you can only define the app itself e.g. ‘photos’

'defaultapp' => 'photos',

The docs say:

Set the default app to open on login. Use the app names as they appear in the URL after clicking them in the Apps menu, such as documents, calendar, and gallery. You can use a comma-separated list of app names, so if the first app is not enabled for a user then Nextcloud will try the second one, and so on. If no enabled apps are found it defaults to the dashboard app.

there is a folder
… … www/nextcloud/apps/photos
which file should I edit?

Did you click on my link? :wink:

It is a configuration option in the config.php file of your Nextcloud. Just add the line I posted to this file. Best is to put it at the end of the file but before the ); at the very end.

Sorry maybe I understood your question wrong. I only know about the configuartion option in the config.php, where you can define the default app but not a specific path or sub-page of the app. I’m not sure if it’s possible what you are trying to do. Also manual changes on files inside the “apps” folder will most likley be overwritten with an upgrade of the app…

need edit
who can?