How to change the APPLICATION_NAME in the osx desktop client?

I am attempting to customise the name of the nextcloud app and folder to the name of our organisation.

See screenshot.

I want Open Nextcloud in browser to be Open MetroCloud in browser.

I want Open folder “Nextcloud” to be Open folder “MetroCloud”. I also want to be able to change the name of the folder if creates on the users computer to be MetroCloud inline with our branding.

Is there a simple configuration variable for this somewhere? I have searched the client source and not found that as yet.

Where is says Quit Nextcloud I wish that to read, Quit MetroCloud

In the OWNCLOUD.cmake file I have configured the applicaiton name to set( APPLICATION_NAME “MetroCloud” )

This however, does not seem to set the applicaiton name within the application menus or settings menus, it does set the package name correctly to Metrolab when I build the installation.

Any help appreciated.

Completed the changes.

If you want to edit it, go to src/libsync/nextcloudtheme.cpp and change the application name there.