How to change Nextcloud Name?

Hi all,

I have maybe a very stupid question but I googled a lot without founding any answer:

I’m running NC in my unraid server and it works very well!

When I made the first run I called my server “Casa Cloud” so for example in the info page there’s written “Find out more on Casa Cloud” instead of “Find out more on Nextcloud” .

Question is: how can I change Casa Cloud to something else?

TY in advance!

You can set some values in “theming”.
Or do you want also rename the server-name “cloud.server.tld”?

I didn’t thought that server name could be under theme. Thank you!

Now I can add 2FA to my user and reverse proxy to the net. Do I need also to rename something else?

If you like your server name “cloud.server.tld” and it works i think you must not change anything.


ok TY very much!