How to change local address like into something like family.hub?

I have a nextcloud running in docker on a rasberry pi, which is accessible in a browser with the url:

How can you change the access url into a word like ‘family.hub’? I’m confused by some tutorials online.


You need a local DNS server on which you can set appropriate DNS records for your internal devices. This function is called “host overrides” or something similar. A Pi-Hole would be a relatively easy way to do that.

Another possibility is to enter the “host overrides” in the hosts file of the respective devices from which you want to access your Nextcloud. This can of course be more effort, because you have to do it individually for each device. And it is also not necessarily possible on all devices.

This might be easier yet.

What router/firewall is the OP using?

Some routers/firewalls offer this functionality directly. You can define a host family.hub with an ip