How to change from http to https in nextcloud

How do i change from http to https for my broswer. I am new to nextcloud. I am running on a dell power edge 2950 with ubuntu sever. Thanks for the help.

you’d need a valid certificate for doing that correctly. There’s a good description in the manual on how to install NC correctly:

I’d recommend setting up NC via a VM. It makes it easier for you. Official VM made by hanssonit: Nextcloud VM – T&M Hansson IT AB (40GB is for free)

I linke this two documentations. You can combine them.

Debian with apache2

Ubuntu with Nginx

Search the part for Lets Encrypt (apache2 or Nginx).

It is fairly simple

Once you have installed Apache/Nginx , MySQL , PHP and you have configured Nextcloud correctly. Make sure that you have opened port 80/443 on your NAT and you have updated you DNS with the proper domain.

Then run the following lines (for Apache 2) :
sudo apt-get install python3-certbot-apache
sudo certbot --apache
sudo certbot certonly --apache

For Nginx I found this tutorial to be accurate :

If you run into any issues, I am glad to help out.

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