How to Change Data directory

Hey guys,

I hope someone can help me out here. I’m really really new into Nextcloud and Linux terminal stuff overall, so yeah.

I managed to install Nextcloud on my raspberry pi and had it work properly for quite some time now. However, I decided to use it with raspbian as its OS, hence I had to reinstall Nextcloud. All my data is still on my external HDD in a folder called “ncdata”. However, when I point nextcloud (via the webinterface) to the old location, it produces the following error message: “[ nc-datadir ]
ERROR: the user www-data does not have access permissions over /media/USBdrive1/MyPassport”

So, if somebody could tell me how i can change the data directory to that folder, that would be grreat.


a little bit of reading for you.
next time it would be desireable if you’d use the search-function of the forum before posting - and much welcomed.

as a matter of fact ncp does deliver Raspbian GNU/Linux 9 \n \l as it’s standard OS for rpi. so it seems as if you replaced the original OS with a new installation of the orginial OS again.

ncp was made for ppl like you and me, beginners. there are some serious developpers working on that nice little tool knowing that we would be eventually lost with setting things up sanely. so i do trust them and i was never disappointed by them. thus is suggest to you to stay to ncp. it’s really a great tool to assist you at its (and their) best to setup a sanley configured and safe nc-server. it usually really runs flawlessly. i can reylly trust them, since ncp is an official part of the nc-versum.

so maybe you need to setup your server again with a fresh install?

good luck and cheerio

ps: i wanted and needed to edit this answer of mine since the first version was inappropriate in it’s tone. thank to @mactrent who brought this point to my attention again. so please @Leon1 take my honest excuses to have replied in a bad way at first try. i really got taken away and didn’t really mean it. i feel really sorry

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