How to best deal with versions of large files

Perhaps this needs to be moved to the feature request category, but it’s possible I could be missing something.

Does anyone know of a way to delete individual versions of a particular file, or otherwise manage versions on the file level?

Basically I have a ~500mb tarball of my WSL file system that gets uploaded every other day. With versioning turned on, this results in a new 500mb version each time. That adds up pretty quickly as you can imagine. I’m aware of the versioning config settings available as described here but they don’t seem to allow anything granular. I do like versioning (and the defaults) on other files, but don’t need it at all for this.

Unfortunately, there’ no way within the UI to delete an individual version (that I can find), or I’d just do that. There also doesn’t seem to be a way to do it via the command line (occ). It either deletes “all” versions for the system or a particular user.

Am I missing anything aside from manually deleting from the filesystem/DB? The best solution in my case would be a setting to not create versions for files over X size. But it would also be nice just to be able delete individual versions (or all versions for a file).

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