How to avoid entering a login twice

When I log in to NC, I often need to log in twice. When I log in the first time, I go back to the login page with no login error. *This time, the URL of the application (file, calendar, etc.) that NC specified to start first is displayed in the location bar. Then I am successfully logged into NC on my second login entry.
I am currently an NC18. The old version had a pseudo-successful login even the first time. Even if the user succeeds in logging in, an error occurs and the user is forcibly sent back to the login page.

How can I ensure that a user only needs to log in once to complete the login process?

NC18.0.4, PHP 7.3.17, nginx 1.16.1, Redis 5.0.9, MariaDB 10.2.31

Have you found a solution?