How to automatically sync to external S3 storage

Hello Team,

Looking to see if anyone has suggestions on how I can automatically copy files from my locally hosted Nextcloud to an External S3 share. Our small office employees are using our local Nextcloud for all their document storage and editing documents. I’ve recently enabled external storage to S3. I’d like to put in place a daily sync of all employees folders/files to this external S3 storage. I’m the Admin so I have the access to all folders and files. I was looking for a scheduled automated way to sync to this S3. I’ve looked at flow but can’t see the option there. I’m not aware of any Apps that can assist. Searching forums I see people using rsync with a cronjob to sync to S3.

Any ideas or options available that I’ve missed?

Thank you in advance for any information you can provide me.

backup or you want make the files also available through S3?

backup: and/or can copy files from linux to S3.

restic would store the files in a “restic repo”. you can’t access the files with “S3 tools”. but you get an incremantal backup of your files. simply syncs your files like rsync. so there’s no versioning unless you turn on S3 versioning. and deleted file will get delete as well. or not. depends on how you sync.

hope you get the point.

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Thanks @Reiner_Nippes for the direction! I think this is what I needed.

I’m looking to be able to backup our folders and files for our employees so that if a file is lost we can load up the backup and retrieve the file. I know that Nextcloud has versioning as well but a full offsite backup of all folders/files is valuable as well.