How to auto play a video after copy&paste of its url on nextcloud


I have shared a directory with a public link. On this directory there are videos.
When I go to the directory with the public link :

  • if I click on one video, its open a window where the video play.
  • but if I copy the link to the video and paste it in the browser, it does not play, it ask me wether I want to download it of play it in external player.

Do you know how to make the video automatically play even when I copy&paste the link of of the vidéo ? I need it to insert the video in Wordpress pages.

Here is the link to the directory :

Here is a link to one video of the ditrectory :

Thanks a lot for your help.


I’m not an export on it but you always need a video player application to play a video. Due to the fact that you’re thinking about pasting a video url to a browser, the player app usually need to be loaded on your PC first before you can view the video.
That’s not what you want, so to workaround this point I would think that you need to embed a video player in your website, like e.g:

If you ask aunt G. you should find several matches how to solve this in WordPress:

Thanks for your answer.

NextCloud includes a pideo player. It’s why the video play when I click on on the link of the video.
But what is strange is that the video do not play if I copy / past exactly the same link. Then the player of NC is not activate.

You are right, I can use another player for WP. It works. But I wonder why the NC one don’t work if it is not coming directly from a click on NC.


Most likely because your externally sharing a video file and not the video player app within Nextcloud. So you’re fully outside of the Nextcloud environment with all its functions.

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Could be a feature request to allow a playback link for videos.
For pictures it already works if you append /preview to a single shared photo via link.
For example, when the public link is:

you append /preview and can actually integrate that URL into blogs:

I just tested and this doesn’t work for videos unfortunately.
Wanna open an issue at Github as a feature request? :slight_smile:

The “viewer” app beeing the new standard app for pictures and videos, it probably makes sense to open the issue there:

Please post the link to your feature request here, so other users can find it quickly and can support with a like :slight_smile:


Hi, did you add this as a feature request already? Seems like a valuable feature to me.

If you mean me, no, I didn’t. I was assuming @Coilhac would.

@Coilhac did you create an issue and can you please share that link?

Hi guys,

did you create the issue ? or there is a new approach to do it?

thank you