How to add tracks to Nextcloud Maps?

after some hours of trying I still fail to find a way to get my PhoneTrack tracks safed as tracks in Nextcloud Maps, instead of Device History. I don’t really wanna use two Map Apps, so PhoneTracker for Nextcloud isn’t an option. Does anyone know how to solve my problem, or is it just a feature that doesn’t exist yet? On the lage of the nextcloud maps app it ain’t exactly clear, since the track stuff is advertised as feature, but the support with phonetrack is only planned. But there ain’t anything for that the feature is not planned. So, how said, is this feature there and usable and I’m just stupid or is the feature not usable yet?

Hi @MrRulf ,

You can only show tracks which are in file format. So you will not be able to share a Phonetrack Track with the Maps App.
In spite of your statemant that you do not want to use Phonetrack App you can make a track and then export it from Phonetrack as File. After some time it should Pop Up in the Maps App although I am not sure if you can export it in the right format.

Anyway I personally do not think the Maps App is good choice for showing tracks and worse for showing tracks to other people. Keep in mind that there is a lot of personal information gathered in this app and one click can reveal the location of all your friends with pictures.

Sorry i do not really understand your problem. Perhaps you can post more details.

I track on Android with GPS Logger and do not use Nextcloud e.g. GpxPod but on Apache2 Show GPX (sorry german website) for my tracks. I programmed some software around this tool for viewing a list of gpx-tracks (directorys with gpx-files). You can write me a PN if you want my additional software around GPX Viewer.

Please post your software on your smartphone and the format e.g. GPX. Perhaps we find a solution.