How to add the admin account to an existing group

I must be missing something. I’m the admin and I’m able to add users to groups, but I can’t find a way to add myself to a group. Surely this is simple. Any tips?

I’ve setup a group folder using the GroupFolders app, and I’m able grant permissions for other users to see the group folders, but I cannot see them.

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If you go to users by settings, you can add next to admin, the group you want.

It must be another issue. When I click Users to Manage Users I get “An error occurred during the request. Unable to proceed.” and this in the error log …

{“reqId”:“ryMLdhfmJFmdQ4B61Xgc”,“level”:3,“time”:“2020-03-10T15:22:44+00:00”,“remoteAddr”:“RE.PL.AC.ED”,“user”:“username”,“app”:“no app in context”,“method”:“GET”,“url”:"/ocs/v2.php/cloud/users/details?offset=0&limit=25&search=",$

Not a solution, just a workaround:

Can you run:

occ db:convert-mysql-charset 

Looks like utf8mb4 is enabled but your database server is not properly setup

Thanks. I’ve converted the db tables to barracuda and the error is gone. I’m still stumped about how to use the GUI to add the admin account to a group. I don’t mind using occ, but is there actually a way to use the GUI? On my User Management page, I can only edit the group values for other users, not myself.

I never used it, but i see indeed that youre not able to be put youre in a group.
The easy way is to use OCC:

php occ group:adduser <group> <user>
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see here