How to add "percentage" to user quota

HI. I wanna see the percentage of the user quota. I dont wanna see numbers on there. how to change this? I was looking for this deck. but I’ve not still solved this. Please help me

I think there is more information needed on that.
What do you have? A NC-Server, homelab, paid VM whatever possibility there is.

What do you want. I don’t really figure out where is there and what you want to change. Is this a question about the client or the web access to nextcloud?

I have VM. I gonna try to explain my goal.
for example, as you see in the picture. We can see 7.1 MB used. However, I wanna make a percentage on there as 0.05% used. Is it possible?

Afaik it’s not possible to show the percentage directly. But if you set a quota to your users it shows something like this:

7.1 MB of 100GB used

You can then hover the mouse pointer over it, and a pop-up will appear that shows you the percentage.

Okay. more of a question. We installed NextCLoud manually. if I can access .php file for this issue. Can I add a percentage on there?

It’s certainly possible to integrate this somehow. But I am not a developer, so I don’t know how easy it would be. Also, if it happens to be as simple as modifying a PHP file, this change would most likely be overwritten during an upgrade of Nextcloud.

So the better way of doing this would be to open a feature request or a pull request with the change on GitHub. Of course your change would then have to be accepted by the Nextcloud devs…

I think it is possible with php file if we installed NextCloud manually. but I don’t know how

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