How to add item to playlist?

Hi, all!
Since the beginning I want to thank for really necessary application!
I hope the application it will dynamically develop and be replenished by new functions.
Unfortunately I faced a problem: how to add the song in the playlist?

Audio Player v.1.4.0
NextCloud v.11.0.1

Thanks for you answer.
I successfully added files and they are visible in genres, albums, years and so on. But if I select “Playlist”, then nothing is displayed. My question: how to add files in the existing playlist?


Thanks for your response!
Now I understood as it is necessary to add files in the playlist but how, in that case, add files in the playlist which have no album in ID3 tags?

Then you can add the tracks from the Unknown (Various Artists) album.

Thanks for your response!
But Unknown album isn’t displayed.

Will be this corrected in future versions?

If you believe that is an error, please file a bug report on GitHub.

I just did some tests with the new 11.0.1 and everything looks good.
you should see an folder with the Audio Player logo for the Unknown.


maybe it is me: the albums are not trackable in my installation - Nextcloud 11.0.2 with Audioplayer 1.5.0 - neither in IE nor in Firefox

I think I did follow the steps as described: click on Album then choose playlists and try to track the album into the playlist which does not work

Any advice?

You can not drag albums to playlists, just single files from album view.

thanks … got it …

Hi XelaNimed,

this is indeed a bit fiddly and should definitely be made more convenient.

This is how it worked for me:

  1. go to audio-player
  2. in the dropdown menu on the top left click on Playlists
  3. with the “+” just to the right of the dropdown menu you can create and name a new playlist.
  4. in the main content area is now something about “drag and drop add blah”. But how? Where? What?
  5. above your playlist on the left there is something like “last added”, “last played” etc…
    Open one of these lists so that the desired tracks are displayed on the main content page.
  6. here simply drag and drop left in your playlists.

Hope I could help you :slight_smile:

Best regards
The Poodle

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Thank you Poodle - it was the same for me. Drag and Drop from where? So I have to drag from one playlist to another. I think it would be much more helpful to have a context menu for tracks that I can use to select “add to playlist”. And really convenient if I can save these playlists using relative filepaths to storage - let the cloud share do the work there.

yes, this is correct. currently it is meant to be in that way, that from a filter/selection, you drag the audiofile TO the playlist.

Once a title is part of a playlist, it can be seen/removed from the sidebar
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what you need is a “add to playlist” within the “…” content menu?
would make sense I have to agree.
the “…” itself does not have a context menu - it will open the sidebar.

one solution would be to add a dropdown with all playlists to the sidebar tab and let you add it from there?
would this help you?

We need an easier way to add songs to a playlist. The ability to ‘select all’ Titles and then ‘deselect’ the songs not wanted and then be able to drag the group into a playlist. Need the ability to drag and drop an album or group of albums into a playlist. I think dragging albums worked at one time but does not work now. I have almost 2000 titles and want to create a general playlist minus my Christmas and religious music. Currently, I would need to drag almost 1500+ titles, one by one, into a playlist. This will be a pain!