How to add HDD storage (local external storage) on Nextcloudpi (docker + RaspberryPi)

Hi, I’m really new to linux.

I have a RPI4 where I installed NextcloudPi via Portainer with this docker image.

The application is working and I’m now trying to add a HDD external storage. I installed the external storage app on nextcloud and I want to set a Local connection to my HDD Seagate Expansion Drive 4TB.

Following the documentation I did :

sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /media/pi/'Seagate Expansion Drive'
sudo chmod -R 0750 /media/pi/'Seagate Expansion Drive'

But then it doesn’t seems to work on nextcloud :

Did I miss some steps ?

Same problem for me, have you found solution?

Hi ammygo,

With some times I was able to find a solution :

I use a ntfs HDD so you need to install this on your RPi :

sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g

Then ensure that you mount correctly your HDD ( by an autoremount in my case)

sudo mkdir /mnt/HDD1
sudo cp /etc/fstab /etc/fstab.backup
sudo nano /etc/fstab

in the fstab file i write :

UUID=XXXXXXXXXXXXX /mnt/HDD1 ntfs auto,exec,rw,user,dmask=000,fmask=113,uid=1000,gid=33 0 0

you can find the XXXXXXXX with sudo blkid and tcheck the mount with sudo mount -a

then you need to add the volume /mnt : /mnt in your docker volumes and reboot it and normally it should work.

I hope I didn’t forgot something !