How to add external storage as normal storage

I have installed FTP on windows machine.
And added the same to external storage section of nextcloud.

But I can’t share folders or files like I did in normal folders of nextcloud.

I want to add to the storage quota.So that all users can use that like the default nextcloud server storage.

Present, I got this error.

Your storage is full, files can not be updated or synced anymore!

So I want to add a windows share/ftp to compensate this.

Any help on using a network share/ftp to extend the storage quota of nextcloud?

I think it is not possible. I use a easier way for external storage: “local” .
I can upload, download and read the files. But i can not share them.

The better way is to maximize the normal nextcloud-storage (data-dir).
Your windows machine can perhaps use WebDAV for access.

Please post more details like disk-spaces and number of users, …

Diskspace is 500 GB.
We have other servers which we want to link to this and use the storage to that.
As the current esx server hosting this is going to exhaust its storage.

And also, after deleting the files from nextcloud, still the used space is not decreasing.
Any suggestion on this please.

Please post more details.

500 GB is only accessible with FTP ?
What services are hosted on this server with 500 GB ?
Is there also the nextcloud hosted ?

FTP-Server on Windows or FTP-Client?

only nextcloud for 300 GB (sorry,not 500 GB) and on premise one.
I installed this on the local esxi server ubuntu VM.

I have installed an ftp on one of the physical machine.Want to link that to this.
WHere the hd space is 1 TB.ANd it is a windows 10 machine where ftp hosted using iis
I want to use this here.

Found the correct option to share external storage. Perhaps it help you for the first step.

Is it possible to mount on the nextcloud (Ubuntu VM) the ftp-filesystem directly from the physical machine and then use “local” in nextcloud gui like my screenshot (Configuration: /path/to/mountpoint/ftp-space-on-host-system) ? You must then set all rights to your nextcloud-user “www-data”.

Thank you I will try that and let you know.
And also, even after deleting files quoata is not showing changed.
Any suggestion for this?
Also, If I delete a file/folder inside a shared folder.
Will the original owner storage quoate is increased or not?Because it turned out to be two copies of recycle bin

And in the FTP, if I add any files, these are not showing in the nextcloud

If it is only a problem with external storage (in nextcloud) i think it could be a ftp-problem. Please post more details and screenshots.

No not ftp, these are normal folders

Ok. I think there is a bug with quota in nextcloud 18 . Search for “bug nextcloud 18”. On my system quota also do not works.

and also, if i add new files to the ftp synced folder using ftp, it is not showing in the nextcloud.

Yes. You must re-scan

occ files:scan --all

I’m getting occ command not found error even on the Nextcloud server.
Do we need to install it separately?

You can use external storage as primary storage as well. However, there is little documentation about this, and perhaps not possible with all external storage types. I think it was possible with samba and object storage.

It’s a bit out of scope for normal users (most are probably enterprise users with subscription), however there were a few posts.

On premises, I’d just add a large hdd that’s much easier.