How to add a co-maintainer to an app?

I need to add a co-maintainer to an app that I am the owner of, but I can’t seem to find any information about how to do this anywhere.

As it was not yet clear: The question is how to setup the co-maintainership within the app store itself to allow another user publish/remove (nightly) releases given a tarball + the corresponding signature. So this question is not related to the signature procedure but the appstore software provided by Nextcloud GmbH.

Would you mind filing an issue at ?

Not sure if the community has an answer for you …

however, one should never underestimate the community :muscle: :stuck_out_tongue:

Right now only admins can do that.

What app is this and who needs to be added?

@rullzer: We are talking about the cookbook app and the goal was to add me as a co-maintainer. I was on my way to create a CI/CD solution using github actions but was stopped by an error message of the app store. In order to debug further, I wanted to have access (with acknowledgement of @jzapp) to the appstore’s cookbook app. That way, I can test and finish the corresponding PR quickly as I hope.

Should I still open an issue regarding the appstore repo on github?

Sorry for the delay. Holidays and all.

Please get me the output of (you can just reply here).

echo -n “USER_NAME” | openssl dgst -sha512 -sign ~/.nextcloud/certificates/APP_ID.key | openssl base64

replace USERNAME with @jzapp username on and APP_ID with cookbook I guess :wink:

@rullzer @christianlupus I log in to my account on via GitHub, so I’ll just use the handle from there, “mrzapp”, hope that works.

Here is the output:


@rullzer, as @jzapp did authenticate himself, should I authenticate myself as well? Please give me a valid signature challenge (whatever username + date or whatever) in this case.

Until now I do not seem to be added as co-maintainer in the app store.

Should be done now

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Looks like such an issue already exists: Adding and deleting co-maintainers · Issue #117 · nextcloud/appstore · GitHub

To clarify, with “admin” do you mean the owner of the app (in the store)? Or an admin of the store itself?

The admin of the app store. I got it solved in the meantime.

If you run into similar issues, best go to Nextcloud Community Talk and ask for help by the admins of the Nextcloud app store.

Cool, thanks for the reply!

I do have similar issues but I was thinking of implementing the related feature (as the source-code for the store is open-source) if there is still an interest for it.

There was recently another request and the author/maintainer claimed that a PR was considered a benefit. However, it would need to be backed up by unit tests. I do not have the reference at hand but be prepared for the requirement.

Apart from that, I consider this a very useful extension to the app store and welcome your effort!