How to add a co-maintainer to an app?

I need to add a co-maintainer to an app that I am the owner of, but I can’t seem to find any information about how to do this anywhere.

As it was not yet clear: The question is how to setup the co-maintainership within the app store itself to allow another user publish/remove (nightly) releases given a tarball + the corresponding signature. So this question is not related to the signature procedure but the appstore software provided by Nextcloud GmbH.

Would you mind filing an issue at ?

Not sure if the community has an answer for you …

however, one should never underestimate the community :muscle: :stuck_out_tongue:

Right now only admins can do that.

What app is this and who needs to be added?

@rullzer: We are talking about the cookbook app and the goal was to add me as a co-maintainer. I was on my way to create a CI/CD solution using github actions but was stopped by an error message of the app store. In order to debug further, I wanted to have access (with acknowledgement of @jzapp) to the appstore’s cookbook app. That way, I can test and finish the corresponding PR quickly as I hope.

Should I still open an issue regarding the appstore repo on github?

Sorry for the delay. Holidays and all.

Please get me the output of (you can just reply here).

echo -n “USER_NAME” | openssl dgst -sha512 -sign ~/.nextcloud/certificates/APP_ID.key | openssl base64

replace USERNAME with @jzapp username on and APP_ID with cookbook I guess :wink:

@rullzer @christianlupus I log in to my account on via GitHub, so I’ll just use the handle from there, “mrzapp”, hope that works.

Here is the output:


@rullzer, as @jzapp did authenticate himself, should I authenticate myself as well? Please give me a valid signature challenge (whatever username + date or whatever) in this case.

Until now I do not seem to be added as co-maintainer in the app store.

Should be done now

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