How to access the Calendar ICS File via URL

Hi Guys,

I moved from owncloud to nextcloud - and I`m really happy so far.
Next Topic will be to access my calendar as an ICS file. In Owncould you had the chance to
access the Calendar externally by adding the &export function behind the the Calendar URL - for example.:


With NextCloud 11.0.1 and Calendar App 1.5 this seems no to be possible - as the ?export funtion seems not to work and the Primary CalDAV Address is listed as

The IOS CalDAV Adress is listed as

Any chance to access the Calendar directly to get an ICS file exported?

I`d like to add the Calendar into my HomeAutomation System - therefore an ICS file is required.

Thx in advance

Ok I found the solution :smiley:


Hope this helps :smiley:

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i try your solution, but not works

what do you put exactly on <URL_TO_BC_SERVER> ?


Hi all

Has anyone found a solution ? I am looking for the same thing.


Have a look here:

Hi Bernie_O

I have been trying your syntax and some alternatives around but nothing works.

Each time, I get the error message : “unreachable calendar”.
However, it seems to connect to the server somehow as, by putting the wrong password, I will get an authentication error instead.
What I wonder now is whether the issue is with my nextcloud syntax for ICS or with the web client I am trying to sync the calendar with. In fact, I am trying to sync my nextcloud calendar within the web interface.
Has anyone tried such thing before ?


Have you tried entering the ics link in a browser? After authentication t should download the ics file, if everything is correct.

I am sorry, I don’t have any experience with

Thanks for this tip. It is the troubleshooting method I was looking for.
So, indeed, I entered the ics link in my browser and the calendar was downloaded after signing in.
Then, what you propose should work but my web client doesn’t cope with it… I am going to ask the email provider.

Thanks again !

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Quick follow-up.
There was a bug on my email provider side and thanks to our discussion, they are correcting it.
It means the solution proposed by Bernie_O works.
Thanks again for your great support!

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I followed the process as described by Bernie_O (thanks Bernie) and saw a successful subscription between my iPad as client/subscriber and my “personal” calendar on NextCloud acting as the calDAV server.

However, even though the authentication/handshake was reported as a success by my iPad, when I go to my NextCloud Calendar and create an event, I don’t see anything replicated to the iPad.

Would be very grateful if anyone could recommend a test process to validate this approach please.

Thank you

Update It turns out that I am not nearly patient enough… About 20 minutes later, and the NextCloud appointment has just appeared in my iPad Calendar…