How to access ncdata if the drive is plugged into a non-nextcloud computer?

Currently running NC17. I attached a USB drive (formatted as BTRFS) and moved ncdata to it.
If I unmount the drive and attach it to a non-nextcloud computer (running Manjaro), i can mount it, see the ncdata directory but get a permission denied when i try a access that directory.
2 reasons why I want to do that:

  • I have 4TB of data I’d like to copy to NextCloud, it would be easier and faster for me to do it directly to the drive plugged in (usb3)
  • If my nextcloud instance dies, I would like to be able to take the drive, and plug it to another NC instance or even just another workstation to retrieve my data.
    Could anyone tell me what I would need to do to make this possible?
    Thank you!

Have you tried to do a dd if={ncdata folder} of={destination folder}
And then, on the destination folder do a chown to your user to have permissions to access to the files?

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What time you save in the copy you’ll lose fixing your messed up ncdata folder. It isn’t designed to be used this way.

Consider attaching the USB drive as external storage and moving the files instead.

It sounds like a permission issue. Can you access it as root?

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@KarlF12 & @SrOscuro Thanks both, it was indeed a permission issue as NC seems to set permissions to 770, with www-data being the owner. I guess there would be a way around it in case of disaster recovery then . NC doesn’t let me log in if I change the permissions to anything higher than 770.
Thanks for the pointers!