How to accept a Federated share?

I have 2 nextcloud servers each with a federated Id. I create a share using Server1 to Server2. Server2 receives a notification that a remote share has been created. I see no way to accept the share and the shared folder does not show up in Server2. Documentation on this is hard to find, hence I’m posting this plea for help here.

Thank you.

You usually get a notification (bell in the upper right corner), there you can accept a federated share. In your files-app you find on the left a selection, “shared with you”. The logfiles can be interesting, where you should find something if a connection timed out or something else happens…

Should it look like this? Or should there be an Accept button?
I only get this notification, no button, no accept anywhere, there Shares section on the left is empty and just read Shares will show up here :confused:
(@tflidd adding you so you notice this old thread :slight_smile: any help appreciated!)

It should work, you can just consult the logfiles to see if there is more information. Could be a connection problem between the servers.

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When I restart the Docker container, then I get a popup asking me whether I want to accept the share. Oh well :man_shrugging: