How should Calender Invitations work

Using Nextcloud 15.0.2

I Create a meeting and add several attendees via their email addresses

the attendees receive a message (usually) and respond with the accept or Reject button

  1. Should I be able to see that they have responded, and if so where?

  2. Sometimes people report not receiving a meeting invitation. is there any way to record and view those emails?



hi all,

this is also a very important issue for our nextcloud instance. without it we will be unable to migrate from our other provider.

our workflow depends on a central admin person knowing that 1 or more ppl have accepted a job or not, which we run thru the calendar. if not they have to find someone else to do the task. is it possible for invite acceptances to be confirmed by sending an email to the event creator?

at the moment when i create test events i receive nothing

without such a feature

or is this a ‘user’ issue and i just can’t see how to do it?

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Not 100% sure, but I believe this is a missing feature.
In general I’d expect that the user’s calendar needs access to a mail server to send mails and read the responses.
As long as user accounts are not linked/ connected to their personal mail account, only the global NC mail account (configured by the admin) sends the email. In return the users can’t access and read any responses.

That’s how I understand the current situation at least. Not sure if any customer already has a setup with a link between NC user account and user mail account.

Could be worth an issue on Github as question or feature request:

Please link the issue here, when you open one.

thx for your thoughts schmu.

i guess i assumed that if an event can trigger an initial email and a event edited/cancelled one, surely the same linked email cd be triggered by the event being accepted by a user, which is also actually a change of the event’s status in a significant way. in my head at least there shd be no need for the user’s email to be involved at all. (but I’m not at all sure of how this works generally…)

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Is this issue already solved? If so, how? Do I need to install an app?

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Now that over 1 year has passed, is there a solution to this issue? I receive the mails with the response (accept/reject), but the status is not updated in the NC calendar.