How Nextcloud’s Design Team and Community Work Together - Listen to the Nextcloud Podcast!

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Interested in the design process at Nextcloud and want to get involved? Then this podcast is for you.

In this next podcast episode, our host Marius Quabeck speaks to a member of the Nextcloud Design Team – Nimisha Vijay. Nimisha started out as contributor through Nextcloud Include and is now on her 2nd year as part of the team.

After listening to this podcast, you will understand:

  • How the Nextcloud Design Team functions and works with the community
  • The journey to Nextcloud Personal – a customized look and background for your entire instance
  • What happens in a Design Review Call
  • Why UX is so important for inclusion
  • The different resources recommended for developers and others
  • How to contribute to design and Nextcloud

We hope you enjoy listening to this podcast!

Listen to podcast!

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