How Much Space Is Left

Hey all. Sorry if this sounds like a totally noob question but I searched the forums and couldn’t find the answer. I’m running v10 as a VM in hyper-v and allocated 3TB of space for a group. Problem is that I don’t seem to have a way to tell how much space has been used up overall. Each user can tell based on their allocation but I’d like to see that the 3TB is not getting full too quickly and be able to add space when needed. I’m hoping that this is something I’ve just blindly missed.

There is the server info app, new in Nextcloud 10, that should display that.

Edit: Okay, looks like disc space is missing. Will open an issue to add that:

Oh ok, glad I wasn’t just missing something obvious. Thanks for this.


Ok I know I’m re-opening an old subject but it’s the only one I found about my problem and the solution given, although it seems to be working, does not suits the real life of servers :slight_smile:

Most of the time (my guess), servers are used for more than one instance of Nextcloud, or maybe for a NC and a website, or whatever and so, many server’s admins sipulates a server quota for each virtual host (even for a simple “safety” reason, you put a 500gb quota to some Nexcloud install to make sure things do not go out of control).

Is there a way to display the real occupancy of a Nextcloud install ? By “real” I mean files+versions+trash. I just cleaned with occ a Nextcloud install that had about 80gb of files, another 80 of versions and another 90 of trash so it was over the 250gb quota for that host, but the user had no advance warning, his display saying just “80gb used”. (I already played with the config for version and trash retention but that’s not really the question).

Ideally I would like to be able to display for the user the real usage of its account, and even the real usage of all users against the real quota of server. I understand it might be difficult to get that “quota” from the server (OS dependant ?) but it could be easy to just add some variable in config.php to preset the quota of the server … Display could be something like “user:120gb / all: 560gb / quota: 1tb” … so the user would be aware in real time of its usage.
Or maybe there is an app for this ?