How much ram/memory is needed for upload >20G file?

As title, how much do I need for upload >20G file?

Sorry no idea. But if you want to use the web browser perhaps you can better use the app “Flow Upload”.

I don’t think there is a specific RAM requirement for update sizes.
A 4GB Ubuntu 18.04 vSphere VM can handle 16GB file uploads from my experience…

You would need a fast CPU to avoid “Error when assembling chunks” errors.
Or you can increase the timeout…

Yes, I mean via web browser (with file drop).
Is it possible to use flowupload for anonymous/guest upload file?

Is my experience (upload >20files via web browser with file drop), it cannot work(at least for me, and yes I have 4G ram exactly),
and the error message like this: “An unknown error has occurred”.

I know they are different (and not apple to apple), for example, let say sftp, it always work for me upload/download >20G file with 2G/4G ram.

I only use virtual machines (vSphere and QNAP/qemu) running LTS Ubuntu 16/18/20.
The data partition is always a local separate (virtual) drive mounted somewhere…

I haven’t noticed correlation between upload file size and RAM size.
But I think 16GB was the biggest I ever did…