How much php max upload/post size to give

Hi all,

Just wondering how much php upload max filesize to give and post max size to give

Do you think i should set this to how much ram I have in the server?


Why consider ram? What you should consider should be the actual usage.

If you have a lot of users and they use it free-of-charge, set it low and check their feedback to adjust.
If they paid, ask them what will they do with it first. Or how you position your service.

If you have a few users … well, for the sake of convenience, I set mine 10G. :laughing:

so has ram got nothing to do with this?

as i thought it gets written to the cache ie ram when people upload/downlaod and then once finished it copies it to the hard disk

for upload over Internet, bottle neck is network traffic condition. :sweat_smile:

for local files, use external storage and select local inside.