How much disk space is Nextcloud using for "Always Available" files?

I would like to know how much disk space the Nextcloud Windows client is using for files in the “Always Available” state.

Is it possible to use Windows File Explorer Search to find them by “Status”?

Or is there another way?

The always available files are geting downloaded to the folder where you sync’em to. So the size of this folder minus the negligible size of the place holder files, should be the size they use. Maybe you could write a shell script, which only counts the actual files, but if you don’t need to know the exact size down to a few KB, this should hardly be necessary.

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Thanks for the reply bb77.

I should have said in my original post that I would like to be able to find individual files that are always available on the disk.

I am using the Nextcloud Windows Client for backups, as well as to have certain files available for editing.

At some point I will want to be able to change the Status of only certain files to “Available when online” to conserve space.

Please keep in mind a Client is not intended to become a “backup”, it’s just another sync target - once the file is corrupted on the server, client follows pretty fast (ideally instant). Definitely one could build some backup-like behavior around the client files but usually server-side backup makes much more sense, as this is the only component where you have full control over everything related to the files: access rights, history etc…