How many shares and groups can be handled, how many do you have?

Looking for the number of shares and groups people are successfully using. Need to see if there is a certain number to stay under for both to avoid system issues. Thanks

You can scale Nextcloud how you want :wink:

From 1 user on a private installation up to 100,000’s on a installation for a big company. Its just a question of hardware, clustering, … :grin:

I guess I am asking relative to our 1 server. I understand the clustering and all but knowing a number at which clustering should be done before the client has issues is what I am trying to avoid. The specs listed on the referenced page are basic server configurations which we far exceed.

It will mainly used by 20 power users but have most users only login to see what files they need to download and be synced to their pc through use of shares by the 20 power users. I can see maybe 200-500 users this way but with 200-400 groups for access control.

We are using a Dell PowerEdge R910, 512 gig ram, 2 CPUs Intel® Xeon® Processor E7-4870 (30M Cache, 2.40 GHz, 6.40 GT/s Intel® QPI), running RHEL 7.2 and MariaDB connected to a PowerVault MD1220 - 24 1.2 gig drives (around 17TB).

We want to have confidence that this hardware will handle this but can not throw additional hardware in if the current setup is able to handle.

Does that better explain my original question? Thanks