How many different editors do we have in" Nextcloud Hub completely integrated"

I think nearly each app has a different editor?
Readme, Deck, Notes, Tasks …

What’s the idea behind?

What do you think?

Hi @Witzker

These four apps have four totally different purposes. The only one of them that at least comes close to a classic (text-) editor is Notes.

  • Readme, is (or was?) if I understand it correctly, something similiar to the “Rich Workspaces”, wich are now fully integrated into nextcloud.

  • Deck is a Kanban board

  • Notes is a notes app that uses markdown files to store it’s notes. This could be called a text/markdown editor if you like.

  • Tasks is a classic task management app that can be synchronized via calDAV together with your calendars.

But maybe I didn’t really understand your question…?

It makes sense to harmonize this and as you see, there are already plans for some of the apps to find a common solution.

Nontheless they all have different target groups and therefore different requirements (for example a unified editor / preview mode versus an explicite split mode where one sees editor and preview next to each other).


THX for the explanation. :+1:

What about the real-text edit?

Test it with test.txt

Jes :+1: THX

Is there a comparison sheet of the different editors to see the necessary function of the editors needed for the Apps they already have editors in Nextcloud to find a “ONE fits ALL”

Newbie Question: Why not simply use e.g this editor used here?

@Witzker I’m still not sure if I understand correctly what you asking here. Are you talking purley about editig fuctiones in the said apps or are you saying all these apps are editors?

The Task app for example must be compatible with other CalDAV Clients imho, otherwise what’s the point of it? For me it makes little to no sense to put the full functionality of a markdown editor in it, when most calendar/task apps on other platforms can’t even display sub tasks created by Nextcloud Tasks correctly :wink:

like @stefan-niedermann said:

It makes sense to harmonize things as much as possible, but not every feature makes sense at any given place…

Feel free to correct me, if you disagree or when i’m geting things wrong. :slight_smile:

I don’t know what you mean with

real-text edit

If you mean the default shippes text editor that is shipped with Nextcloud: It’s NNextcloud Text (compare screenshot).

If you mean any other third party app: Please share a link to or the homepage, then i can probably tell you.

No, you need to compare the editors yourself. Some of them support the CommonMark specification, others don’t. Some of them aim to be as WYSIWYG as possible, even if that means that the original document structure is edited in a destructive way (like replacing * lists with - lists on save), others don’t touch the structure. Some are working with a split view by intention, others try to merge edit mode with preview, but still explicitly show the punctuation.

There is no “one size fits all” because, as i said, every person and every app has different purposes and requirements. Besides that harmonization is a goal (for example as a quick win, the tab indention is adjusted for multiple apps, also see the issue links above to switch to Nextcloud Text).

  1. The community apps are developed by independent people and not by one company. They are losely organized and have more important stuff to do in their respective apps
  2. It does not make sense everywhere, see above
  3. It needs do be done. That’s how free software works, if a topic is important enough for someone, it well get fixed, otherwise probably not
  4. Why should all explicitly use the editor of the discourse forum software? Which advantages has it compared to the others?

So, if this topic is important to you, you could start doing some research to compare all the different used editors and their capabilities and analyze the requirements of the apps and their users. If the maintainer of the apps agree, they will for sure be happy about a code contribution.

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?? Does that mean I can swich to this editor eg in Deck?
Sorry maybe stupid Question - I still have to understand the subject

No this means that the Deck app plans (according to the linked issue) to replace the current markdown editor completely with Nextcloud Text without an option for the user to switch between the editors.

THX for clearing

How to tell them that there must be also a possibility to switch off autosave!

I doubt that it will be accepted and i see no reason for it, but you know how to ask for this: Open an issue.

I found a lot of posts explaining this as necessary for productive use!
But I was to lazy to collect them.
But will be necessary for the GitHub Open issues THX.