How long until a config.php change takes effect?

I am experimenting with toggling the reference_opengraph setting in my config.php file. Does changing this from false to true or vice-versa take effect immediately? If not, is there something I can do to force it to take effect?

I’m running Nextcloud from the 25.0.1-apache Docker image.

I’m trying to test Allow for setting to disable link previews · Issue #8227 · nextcloud/spreed · GitHub .

I believe this happens on the next page load. Maybe someone can correct me if that’s wrong.

You can test by commenting out something in the file that will have obvious effects (like a semicolon!)

Yes, it should be on the next load, for already running processes that does not apply. For this reason, if you put Nextcloud in maintenance mode (for backup, update etc.) you should wait a moment that current processes can finish (the current cron job running, a file that is copied, …).

I am not 100% sure when it takes effect. Some things are loaded into memory of the PHP-FPM on startup and others might be read on each page load (I hopes not as there is then room for a huge speed boost potential). Using OPCache and other caching mechanisms also holds some of the values from config in cache, as they are loaded with classes. YOur safest bet is to restart PHP-FPM and reload apache after config changes. But I could be wrong here. I myself is restarting PHP-FPM each and very time aswell as reloading Apache just to be on the sure side of things.

I confirmed this is true for reference_opengraph.