How long support php 5.6?

Hi people,

If there are a plan about the suppot time for php 5.6?

The current ownCloud version supports 5.4, why are you asking?

Sorry, i have think, the requirement is >php5.6 for
owncloud 9.x

@happyreacer, you may find complete information here :

If you can - go one step further.
I upgraded my Pi2 to PHP7 and its really different

…if you have the chance, its worth the effort…
(Even so its not answering your question)

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yae, but sometimes it goes not so easy to update it, maybe the hoster doesn’t update.
I use an openmediavault system at home and it is a debian system with a GUI and this was bonded on the php version.
But this is my problem :wink:

As said above at the moment your Nextcloud should run with php 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 and 7.0. If your hoster is currently 5.6 your should be safe for a while. While there are no hard quarantees it is safe to assume Nextcloud will (at least) support the current supported versions by upstream (see

PHP-5.6 even has a longer support period till December 2018. So you should be OK.