How long does a new release usually take to be available on dockerhub?

Nextcloud 26.0.2 got released yesterday (Release v26.0.2 路 nextcloud/server 路 GitHub) and I am looking forward to finally upgrade my Nextcloud 25 instance. Looking at the dockerhub tags it seems like it鈥檚 not available there, yet:

I鈥檓 not complaining, these things can take time. Just curious how long the process from Github release to available docker container usually takes :slight_smile:

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It鈥檚 normally around 1 or 2 days after the release that the updated Docker images are available. You can of course just grab the Dockerfile and build the image for yourself if you don鈥檛 want to wait :slight_smile:

1 or 2 working days or days days? We鈥檝e got a long weekend before us in Germany :slight_smile:

Does anybody know if that鈥檚 an automated process or a manual task that has to be done by a nextcloud employee?

As far as I understand the process, someone has to do something in the nextcloud/docker repository. The build process is than not done by Nextcloud but by Dockerhub. But please correct me if I鈥檓 wrong.

Alright, thanks for the clarification! :slight_smile: Let鈥檚 hope it gets pushed today :pray:

The Dockerfiles have already been updated by this commit:

So we鈥檙e probably just waiting for a scheduled dockerhub job to run?

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Something obviously went wrong, because we鈥檙e like 4 hours later and still no trace of the new build. Would anybody close care to look into what鈥檚 happening? Runners usually don鈥檛 need 4 hours to get to a job. No new tag has been created on Dockerhub regardless of the Dockerfile being updated in Github. These are separate things. Thank you!

Or just wait until they are ready鈥 :wink:


But he is already working overtime and told his boss that the update will be in place on Tuesday :wink:


Still nothing. 26.0.2 was released on Thursday as planned for a very long time in the roadmap, it鈥檚 Saturday today. Couldn鈥檛 the people responsible for the Docker image prepare sufficiently in advance to react to that in a timely manner? What does 鈥渉e is already working overtime鈥 mean in this context? Nextcloud is a product from a commercial entity. I sincerely hope the official Nextcloud Docker image isn鈥檛 the 鈥渉obby product鈥 of some random individual.

Everything from Desktop Apps to our NC installation is nagging people advertising that there鈥檚 an update available and I鈥檓 not able to update.

It means just wait for it or take the Dockerfile and build the image yourself. Nothing more to say here for me鈥

Calm down. You will have new versions many times a year. Use your current version till the next is available for you. And express some gratitude for the work that is done.

Edit: Besides I skip some updates. I wait for the x.0.2 release of the upgrades and even then prefer waiting a week as it sometimes happens some bug got into the upgrade.

I can understand that you want to be on the edge but then you need to spend a lot of times looking for every update and upgrade.


You鈥檙e right. Sorry for the outburst.

Looks like there is still a manual step to be done to push a new release to Dockerhub. 26.0.2 is still not available. My takeaway from this is to always schedule a docker container update 14 days after a new release is planned.

well as you can see under actions in Github the action for building and publishing images for some of the images is failing. Therefore no images are yet published.

Looks like they are already trying to fix it.

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TIL, thanks for the explanation!

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