How is performance when using S3 bucket as primary or external storage?

I’m curious how performance is for other people when using Amazon s3 as either primary or external storage? With or without encryption?

I set up external storage with an S3 bucket but it seems extremely slow to view files in Nextcloud and some image will not open (they only give the option to download). Some of this slowness is probably due to using server side encryption though.

Poor. With a in-house S3 as primary even on a internal 40Gbps LAN network it takes forever to load the initial pages. If you are using something like http caching then subsequent page loads can be fast.

Where S3 shines is if you have millions/billions of files. Indexless buckets are also a thing.

Whether nextcloud works properly on an indexless bucket is another matter.

I’m using Wasabi with my server stored on an external VPS and it definitely exceeds any of my download or upload speed. If you are used to local Ethernet Gigabit connections I suppose it must be frustrating.

Yeah I have my Next Cloud on a digitial ocean droplet and Amazon s3 as external storage, I understand there will be some latency but it really slow in its current state.

Are you using server side encryption? Obviously that adds a lot of overhead on the CPU decrypting the files.

No I don’t use encryption, but then if server encryption is making it slow, the problem isn’t wasabi seeing as the encryption is happening on the machine. Apart if your issue is latency to wasabi not bandwidth

for those who didn’t see this discussion:

Oh wow… I did go through the 20,000 free requests in one day but I figured some of that was copying all of the files up.

Well I meant latency due to the fact that whenever you try to access a file on your next cloud that is stored on s3, your NextCloud server has to request it from s3 before it can return it to your client.