How find config.php file plus do advanced themeing?

I am evaluating a Nextcloud account, installed on a good host provider. (I didn’t make the installation myself).

A would like to evaluate opening up file FTP and Webdav connections for outside users. I have been informed that I must add a few lines of code to the config.php file, to do this. But I’m having difficulties finding a way to get to the config.php file. Can’t find it.

None of the settings menus in Nextcloud’s web gui offers access to the file or to a function that might reveal the file, or things “under the hood”. I tried to log in via Webdav, and I was successful in logging in (as admin) but I found no ‘under the hood’ files there.

I am also interested in expanding my ability to perform more advanced theme-ing than what is offered by default. I would be interested in customizing folder icons and other smaller details in the interface, and if possible, also customize the layout of emails and messages sent out to recipients via Nextcloud’s SMTP.

I have for example installed an expansion app called “Custom CSS”, as I am familiar with web design and CSS and more. But this app does not come with a manual, and the interface for it is just 1 text field. It isn’t apparent in itself how to use it.

I have a feeling that all of this – both adding code to config.php and advanced theme customizing - may be possible by getting ‘in under the hood’ … somehow.

Any advice or tips on how to proceed would be helpful.

Nextcloud doesn’t provide FTP access.

This is in the config folder under the web root. You would need access to the server’s console or remote access to the web root to access it.

Also, there is no “code” so to speak in the config.php. It’s a settings file. You are likely looking for other files as well., all of which are under the web root somewhere.

@KarlF12 Looks to me that it may be possible for Nextcloud to offer FTP access (and other protocols), through an app called “External User Authentication”. That’s what I wish to try out.

So you’re telling me that the settings files etc are located somewhere where only the host provider of my Nextcloud installation can tell me where this is? I guess I have to e-mail them then.

@Clarion What that app does is make Nextcloud act as an FTP client for the purpose of authenticating users against an external FTP server, e.g. if the FTP server accepts your login then Nextcloud does as well. This does not install an FTP server in Nextcloud.

The config files are located in the config folder under the web root. So for example if you’re running Apache on Ubuntu using the default site, it would probably be /var/www/html/config/config.php.