How enable SSL for NextCloud13 Container on NAS?


I installed NextCloud13 in a LXC Linux (Ubuntu 16.04) Container on a Qnap NAS.
The only problem it works without SSL at this moment.

Set the network settings in Qnap’s Container Station for the LXC container in NAT-mode.
Host: 1080
Container: 80

So NextCloud is accessible via: (LAN) (WAN)

Does anyone know how to setup SSL, so my NextCLoud Linux Container is accessible with https?
Or someone’s experience with this setup?

PS: asked also on Qnap’s forum ( a few days ago, but at the moment without answer. Hope that someone can help me with this problem?


I don’t know anything about QNap, but do they give you access to the command line? If so, the easiest thing to try is this (assuming it’s Apache):

@stratacast thanks for your advice.
In Container Station there are some basic settings, but no possibilities accessing a console for the LXC Linux Container.
In the running Linux Container i can accessing the command-line.
In this link you have an idea how Container Station works:

Yes, i running the Apache webserver.
Thanks for the link, try install the SSL, but after that, how can i accessing the exact url? Normally SSL runs on port 443? But the host machine (NAS) runs also SSL with this port. Or can SSL running over another port?

They should have separate IP addresses, I would make sure of that. Otherwise you’ll have to change port numbers that Apache uses for you to access Nextcloud. Assuming your container has its own separate IP, just do https://your-container-ip just like you’ve been doing to access Nextcloud in the first place over HTTP. If you followed the Let’s Encrypt instructions and had the installer force HTTPS, then it should all be just fine whether you specify HTTPS or not

Following the tutorial for installing Certbot, but with no luck.
The LetsEncrypt wizard ask for a domain name, if i used the domain name from Qnap (=host), it doesn’t work.

See error:


Hello @tuxy

It is not so easy to configure LXC with https. You need an reverse proxy etc…

My Setup:
Qnap with Debian 9 VM and Nextcloud installed + RPI3 as reverse proxy and answer all Let’s Encrypt Requests and HTTP/HTTPS

Hi @flavio99

I read about ‘reverse proxy’, and i know that Synology NAS has an UI option for ‘easy’ setup reverse proxy. But Qnap not :confused:

Hmm, interesting your setup. Is there a tutorial how you do that?
I have 3 unused RPI3’s and it is a good tip, but don’t know how beginning. I think it’s a difficult setup.

@tuxy I have config setup on Raspberry Pi 3, I am using NGINX for reverse proxy.
I found to work with NGINX much better and easy to configure.
Although I am not familiar with QNAP, check this out if it can

@asnip ,

Thanks for this useful info.

Okay, i think reinstall NC in another way on my NAS.
The Qnap community build a Apache webserver app ( with SSL build in.

I think is an easier way instead a lot of customizings in the NAS core system.
Try this in the next days.

some words about docker and certbot. just how it all works.

and about a reverse proxy with letsencrypt

and the new all-in-one-tool:

WOW! really useful :grinning:
Found the Docker Container… i will try this :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you @Reiner_Nippes

@tuxy Have fun. I prefer RPI3 with Nginx reverse Proxy and QNAP Nextcloud VM.

@flavio99 thx :wink:
I will give it a try.

@tuxy Did you manage to get this worked as I am looking to do same with my nextcloud enabling https