How does the "External Storages" plugin work?

Hi there,
I was wondering about the external storage app (Configuring External Storage (GUI) — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation) and how it actually works?

By default, if I add an S3 endpoint to my Nextcloud, does it by default show the name for the storage endpoint folder in everyone’s “files section” or does it just use it to store files?

For further clarification, I’m trying to add additional storage for files, but I don’t want to have whatever folder show up in the drive.

(eg. if I named my endpoints “Share250” and “Share1000” I don’t want that to show up for people like in the image below- I want the uploads to just go to those storage devices)

Thanks for the clarification.

Hi @HarrisonMayotte, you can make the external storages to the root directory in Nextcloud by naming them ‘/’ (one forward slash). But note that only one will be the root storage and not both. Also this will apply to all selected NC users and groups.

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Thanks for the clarification!