How does sync work on mobile app?

I’ve used the mobile Android app for years but today found the setting under

Android settings » Users and accounts » (my NC account)

Which had a toggle to enable/disable sync.

When I clicked to enable it it started spinning for ages, and it seems to be downloading my entire account to my phone!!

  1. Is there a way to only sync certain files, as there is with the desktop client?

  2. How do I remove the files from my phone without deleting them from the server.


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Ok, so to delete the local copy you have to click delete, which then gives you the option to delete “local only”. It’s frighteningly close to actually deleting the files! The desktop “choose what to share” tick box method seems safer.

But I still don’t get the accounts sync option.

I removed everything from the phone’s local copy, then enabled sync and the spinning thing started spinning, and it just kept spinning but no files appeared in the ‘on device’ list, so I don’t know what it’s doing.

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I agree about the clicking delete to remove the cached copy. I wish they would change that. Alternatively, there’s an option to flush all cached files in the settings. But I’m not aware of a selective sync option for mobile.

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So are we saying that the purpose of the account sync toggle in the android settings screen is to sync everything, and without that ON, nothing is automatically synced and you have to manually choose to “download” and then manually force a sync, if you change the file locally?

There is also the option to select “synchronize” for each folder individually. That would keep it up to date selectively.

I would like to synchronise a folder with my server (like in the Desktop Version). But if I choose a folder to sync and I delete somthing it still persist on the server. Is there an option I overlooked?

moritz76 my understanding is that on mobile Sync is a command, not a state.

I mean that the app does not monitor the files that have been synchronised automatically.

  1. Click download on a file (or Sync on a folder)

  2. Any time you modify that file you have to find it in nextcloud an press sync again.

For deletions you would need to delete it through the nextcloud app.

Automatic sync would make the app very useful but I don’t think that feature exists at the moment. (Or if it does exist, it doesn’t work well enough to be usable)

Thank you for your reply. It’s too bad that the App works not like the desktop client.

In my opinion synchronization is when I delete a file on one place it will be delete on the other place too.

Otherwise it is a download or upload but no synchronization…

I really hope for this feature.