How does sync in mobile app works with removing files


i’m quite curious how the mobile app(Android) works with synchronization. When i downloaded a file through the Nextcloud app.

  • Now the file is on the phone and i assume it will be kept in-sync? If the file has been changed for example on my pc and synced to the server, will it then automatically be updated on the phone?

  • When i want to remove the file or may’be a complete folder form the phone, so it is not locally stored on the phone anymore but i don’t want it to be removed from the server. How can i do that? Is there something like an “un-download” option?

  • when i have auto upload of photo’s enabled and i remove some photo’s afterwards because they are bad, i guess they won’t be deleted on the server? Is there thought about some solution for this? I know it is a tricky one, but may’be there could be set something like a fixed time (for example in the night) when you want to upload the photo’s of that day instead of instant upload, so you have some time to go through the photo’s on your phone and delete the bad ones. But may’be there are more user friendly solutions for this…

I hope anyone have some answers, thanks!

Sorry it’s a month later, but I just discovered this related problem with my Nextcloud setup which should give you some answers .

When viewing a file with the Android or IOS app it’s downloaded to the mobile device. If the file is changed on Nextcloud server it is not automatically synced. In fact if you try to view the new version, it is not even downloaded over the old version. I ended up viewing the old version that was downloaded previously. The app doesn’t seem to recognize time stamps.

The only work-around I’ve found for now is to manually delete the file stored on the mobile device (NOT IN THE APP!) using a file manager, so that the new version is downloaded when selected with the app.

If someone has more information, I would love to hear it.

So is it not possible to sync also the deletion of photos from Android? I have the same situation and would like to know a way to fix it. It is not optimal having to delete first the pictures on the mobile and then in the nextcloud server.

Also more options regarding the auto sync would be very nice (I come from syncthing) like patterns to match/ignore, choose WiFi networks where you want sync to happen (maybe don´t want to use open WiFis or similar)…


Are there any news on this? I still can’t find a way to remove the local copy from within the app…

You can use delete button in the app. Then you can choose to delete only locally or also on server.

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Ok, nice to know. Didn’t want to try that out :wink:

Concerning the last point about syncing deleted photos. I am totally with you and would like to see that feature in the App. Using the app for deleting photos is not sufficient as in this case, the photos (when viewed) are downloaded again locally.

For reference, I created a github issue on that point.