How does nextcloud access external storage files?

Just wanted to ask how Nextcloud routed external storage files when requested by a client?

Is it:
a) External Storage -> Server -> Client
or b) External Storage -> Client (where the request for the file goes through the server)

I’m asking as I want to deploy nextcloud on a VPS (which has high uptime, but low and limited bandwidth) and store my files on an external storage server (which has unpredictable downtime, but high bandwidth). Would requesting files through nextcloud use up the bandwidth and/or be limited to the nextcloud connection speed?

If you use the nextcloud interface, nextcloud client etc. it always goes through the server.

But you could also access directly with the client and bypass Nextcloud.

Thanks! :slight_smile: That’s a shame - looks like I’ll probably have to deploy Nextcloud on the external storage… I really just want Nextcloud for the nice UI!