How do you work with teams in Nextcloud?

Hey there,

i using Nextcloud since the days it was owncloud. I use it on my privat server and my family get use to it also. I use Nexcloud to symc my files, contacts an clanendar. This works well so far.

Now i do some volunteer work and things changed a bit. The group i work for are around 20 people. Because they get voted every year the people in the group change a lot.

The first thing you come in touch in this envirmonment is, that data belongs to the people. This is total natural if this is your account and your data. But it´s a problem when there is only data which belongs to the society (i mean the group of people who work togehter over the year). Because if somebody leaves the group and you will delete the account you will lost „his/her“ data als well.

So to avoid this, we created a content-user. A User which creates the top folder and share them with the group.

• All-members (all members)
• Executive („Management“)
• Personal-information (get access files with privat information such as adresses and such a kind)

/group-intern (shared with all-members)
/executives (shared with group executive)
/private-information (shared with group personal-information and executive)

What the content-user also create is a calendar, a space for contacts or some Deck-Boards and share them amog the different groups.

That work so far.

Now we had somebody who also manage our website an create some pulic shared links which he offers on our webpage. Now he is gone and what should i say. The links he created are personal links and the are gone with his user. What we now do, ist hat only the content-user create „important“ links. But as you may understand, the password of this content user account is not widly spread. So sometimes there is some delay in creating links.

What i wonder is, how do you manage this? I don´t beleve we are the only ones with this questions and maybe there are better answers to this than i have found.

What i think would be nice would be:
• Better permission system
o If i give permissions on a top folder to all and will give lower persmissions ob a subfolder of this top folder ist not working
• Some possibility to get ownership of shared links
o I know that ist regular not what you want. Also an Admin should not get access to your sharing links. But if the „owner“ oft he files are the content user who share something with other people. And this people have the rigth to share the content again. It is maybe handy if there is a question that while you delete the user account who share content form the content-user the shared links change the owner to the content-user.

I would love to get some feedback on that.


Hello fexx, you could have a look at the groupfolders app. This app allows the admin to create folders that are owned by the collective.

You can find more information here:

Edit, there’s also a nice app made by @z4k that allows users to create those groupfolders,


Thanks @Daphne :slight_smile:

@fexx , the Workspace app meets your needs.
Know that Workspace is based on Groupfolders.
Indeed, with the Workspace app, you can name one user to manage the groupfolder.

Please, for more information, you can read the presentation from the App Store or the README from GitHub :point_right: GitHub - arawa/workspace: Create shared workspaces and delegate management of their members and groups

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