How do you turn on full text search?

Unless I misunderstood this post, full text search has been around for an entire major revision. Seeing as how the post gives no information on installing and/or configuring it, I presume it is enable by default?

I am running nextcloud 12.0.3 but cannot perform a search within any document. This is easily reproducible.

Is there something I need to do to install and/or enable full-text search? Am I missing something? or was this feature removed in version 12?

thanks for the reply.

if I understand the readme on the GitHub correctly, enabling full text search requires you to install additional software, and not just a nextcloud plugin? Perhaps I did misunderstand the blog post, as I thought this was part of nextcloud. I’ll try to follow through the github readme.

Nextant is a plugin for Nextcloud, but it relies on Apache Solr to do the actual indexing and searching. So yes, you’ll need to install and configure Solr in order to get Nextant working, but it’s easy if you follow the wiki guide.

Nextant seems to be EOL and FullTextSearch always in BETA.
Which plugins is ready for an use in production (NC 12.0.4) ?


I’m not completely sure, but the developer mentioned if you’re already using Nextant that you should switch to FullTextSearch now which implies that it’s at least as stable as the current version of Nextant. I personally would recommend starting with FullTextSearch, but there’s nothing wrong with sticking with Nextant for now (it will just end up being more work overall when you make the switch later).