How do you download images to gallery on Android?

I’ve setup my Nextcloud server and everything is working great!

But when I tried to download images from my Nextcloud server on my Android phone (Samsung) it does not save to the gallery or a folder that the gallery can pickup. Instead when I click download it goes to /Android/media/com.nextcloud.client.

I’ve tried to change the storage place to /data/user/0/com.nextcloud/files and /Android/data/com.nextcloud.client/files but the images never show up in the gallery.
The send/share option does not give me a “download to gallery” option either.

Therefore there are no way that I can find, how to get the downloaded images directly into my gallery, without me needing to find my wait deep into my file hierarchy and move the files from the Nextcloud storage folder to a gallery storage folder.
(The same thing goes for documents and movies etc.)

How can I get the downloaded stuff directly into a folder that my Android phone can pickup in the apps, without me getting into the files and moving them myself?

I share to an android app “Save to File”. Search in Google Playstore.

Yeah that worked, thanks.
But it’s annoying that it’s not built in, as far as I can see.

Yes it is seemingly not built in. With “download” it is only a sync to the device and not a copy to a download folder. But you also can use perhaps an android file manager with e.g. bookmark function to find “downloaded/synced” files faster.
I think it is normally not necessary to “download” to a download folder. For offline view the sync is better. And for sharing (e.g. mail) you can direct share in the nextcloud app to other apps.

“Save to File” app does the trick - thanks!

But I think it’s really kind of odd that there is no built in “save to device” option.

I mean, there already is a file browsing dialog where you can chose a local file from your phone/tablet that you want to UPLOAD to Nextcloud.

It would just be obvious to use that dialog to DOWNLOAD or save a file to your phone/tablet wouldn’t it? :smile:

You can sync it to your phone and then you find it in a local folder (read this).

Also you can install an android file manager. Then you can mark the files and share with the file manager and copy it to a directory. Perhaps it works not with every file manager. With my default file manager “Files” it does not work. Android does not suggest me the app to share.

Yes, I tried 2 different file managers and they both don’t appear neither for “open with” nor “send to”. I haven’t found a way to change that behavior in Android. But of course that’s not an issue with the Nextcloud app.

It would just be nice if there was an “save to local device” in the context menu of NC that would allow you to browse the local file system and select a folder to save the file to (no matter what file type it is)

I use this app and it works for me.

Yes. You can write an issue.
But i think sync and share is more for young people and save-to is more the last millennium. :wink:

There is already a feature request for this :slight_smile:

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