How do the updater decide what to update to?

I was testing Mageia packages:

If i install the Nextcloud 10.0.5 the updater say it is latest version.

But if i install ownCloud 9.1.5, and then migrate to Nextcloud 10.0.5 the updater say version 11 is available.
And after i fixed file ownership and permissions to allow updater, it could update to NC11 perfectly. NC11 then said version 12 is available, and it could update to that one too.

So i guess there is some setting somewhere that tells updater if it is to update to latest minor, or next major release? And in my case that setting got different when i installed NC10 fresh, compared to when i migrated from OC9.1.


Upgrades can only be done between consecutive major versions (you can’t skip one). Owncloud and Nextcloud versions are related, but the numbering is a bit different:
OC 9.0 <-> NC 9
OC 9.1 <-> NC 10

You could probably upgrade from OC 9.1 to NC 11 but not from OC 9.1 to NC 12. The updater app “knows” this and only provides allowed update paths. There are different release channels which define the max. version you can upgrade to (channels are beta, stable and production). beta always has the newest stuff (and can be unstable, therefore only to be used for testing setups), … production is the most conservative update channel which only uses well tested versions.

It’s currently on discussion when a version is considered stable enough to be stable or production:

Yes i migrated the supported path OC9.1.5 > NC 10.0.5
All went well and from here i onlu have NC.

NC 10.0.5 on admin page tell me a new version is available and the autoupdater upgrades to NC 11. Then NC11 autoupdater takes me to NC12 OK.

§ is it normal that updater offer upgrade to next major? (x.x)
§ does it offer next major version, when itself is at latest minor version? (x.x.x)

When i tested to instead of migrating from OC, installed NC10.0.5 fresh, it did not find an upgrade. No higher minor version than NC10.0.5 had been released, but strange thing is why it did not offer upgrade to NC11 after being fresh installed, but did in the previous test where i migrated from OC. Maybe there is something in the config file we need to edit?

The same release channel? I don’t know if the query for upgrades is cached for some time. @LukasReschke should know more about this process.

I did not change release channel.

That system do not exist any more so can test more. I plan to do a fresh NC12 install.