How do I view/edit/delete subscriptions in News?

Feeling like an idiot here … I keep seeing references in other discussions about “managing the subscriptions in the UI” … but I do not see any way to view, edit or delete from my existing subscriptions … I can only see subscriptions that currently have unread articles waiting to be viewed. I can add a new subscription, or delete an existing subscription that has currently unread articles and therefore shows up in my feed … but I have low-frequency feeds and I don’t want to sit around for days waiting for something to show up in one, before I can see that the feed exists.

Am I missing something obvious here? Isn’t there some option to show me all of my current subscriptions for editing/deleting? Or is this the extent of the subscription-management options?

Danke, y gracias

Please provide details about your enviornment, which Nextcloud and app version you are currently using.

Oops, sorry … Nextcloud 27.1.5 and News 24.0.0.


In the left pane of the News app all subscriptions are displayed. By clicking on the “+ Subscribe” button on top of the list you can add new subscriptions and by clicking on the three dots menu behind a subscription and selecting “rename”, “delete” etc. you can modify it.

In the left pane of the News app all subscriptions are displayed.

The rest of your response is helpful, thank you. However, this is not accurate. After I “mark everything read”, the left pane shows precisely 0 subscriptions, and the subscriptions only gradually start showing back up in the pane, as new (as yet Unread) articles become available.

Maybe this is just a minor UX bug; certainly not the end of the world – I have already worked around it by exporting my subscription list to an opml file, manually editing the file, and then re-importing it.

I cannot confirm that on my server but I remember that this has been an issue in the past which was already fixed by changing the default behavior.