How do I use a secondary external volume? (Resolved)

Hello, I activated the nextcloud application on a hetzner server which provides a basic space of 80gb, I had to expand by installing a secondary volume, I entered nexcloud and the system sees it, but it is not clear to me how I can now use it by moving any folders and files on this device

I think you have used this. Which type of storage? Post more details and screenshots. Normally you can find it in the Nextcloud GUI user top directory.

does the fact that the system sees the external drive mean it will use it for storage?

thanks to the guide you gave me, I was able to mount the external drive and create a folder for the “External Storage” app, but now the system does not allow me to move or upload files inside it, I tried to create a file from command line of the server and the file I also see in nextcloud how is it possible that I can’t move files from the main drive to the secondary one or upload files directly to the secondary one?

I did it! Local — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation entering these command lines on the server allowed me to edit and upload files from nextcloud too

A thousand thanks!!!