How do I use a "File Drop"

Hi everyone,

Nextcloud version 20.0.4
Operating system and version univention

Nextcloud work fine, I am able to create “DROP” folder for everyone in read-only file-drop style. I am sticked to this stage, I don’t know how to send a file on another person DROP folder ? there must be something missing.
is it a client feature ? a web feature ? a SMB feature (however there is not SMB).

I would like to have a Folder for each person DROP like
to send them files from my NextCloud client share.

please send me tips or appropriate documentation.

Cheers from Tahiti.

It is a DROP folder. People are supposed to DROP files there, not fetch files from there. See this feature as a mailbox where everyone can put stuff in, but only you can pull it out / read it.

If you want the target user to be able to see the files, create a public folder share instead.

Thank you stefan for your attemps to help me, but something have been misunderstood, maybe because of my explanations.
I don’t want other to see what is inside DROP folder.
I want Others to be able to SEND file to the drop box to each other.
I want me to be able to send file to DROP folder of person A and also to person B. (and so on) But I dont know how to do that from my share folder in my filesystem.

I understand the other piece of the very weird puzzle. You want to create a file drop in SOMEONE ELSE’s directory into which YOU or someone else can upload files, but only that SOMEONE can read from.

The impersonate plugin would help you to manually create such a file drop in other users’ directories, but it wouldn’t protect that directory from being deleted by them, hence may not work as well as you would like.

I think what you really want to do is this;

Create directories within YOUR root as;

And you create TWO shares on each of those directories;

  1. A write-only “drop” share to all users except the assigned,
  2. A read-only “retrieve” share to only the assigned user.

So for example, you/DROP-A would be shared as a drop to user B and C, and shared read-only to user A.

Hi larry_boyd, thank you for your help.

I do not understand the purpose of

  1. A read-only “retrieve” share to only the assigned user.

I don’t really need everybody to send to everybody, but only one principal sender, let’s call him S to be able to send to everybody “/DROP”
I guess S needs to have a /DROP-A to sent to A and /DROP-B to sent to B …
and so on, but dunno how to make these “folders” or bridge.

For public share everybody who knows link can use it.

Normally user A creates shares for user B, C
Normally user B creates shares for user A, C
Normally user C creates shares for user A, B

You could use user names or public links.

admin does nothing.

Me (user A) also use multiple shares (read, read/write, drop) on the same directory and share with B, C. Admin (me, too) does not know it :wink: Admin is not interested in it.

My data - my shares
Not my data - not my shares

That can’t be made any more clear. Maybe find somebody who speaks both your language and English fluently to translate for you.

This contradicts your previous statement “I want Others to be able to SEND file to the drop box to each other.” I am unable to help you if your requirements aren’t consistent from one message to the next.

If ONLY YOU need to be able to send to each other user, then you simply create the directories in YOUR home for each user, and SHARE THEM TO the recipient. This is trivial and I can’t guess where the disconnect is for you.